Note From Me: Update [25/6/2014]

Selamat Datang !

Neyhan Creative got some talent in designing and love it as a side-income hobby. Harga bergantung pd design & proses.. Sertakan sekali budget anda.

1. Neyhan tidak lagi menerima sebarang tempahan blog layout/template. Sy dah tak design blog layout. Minta maaf byk2 tau.
2. Hanya menerima tempahan design yg simple2 shj (watermark, edit image). Sy kene kerja; jaga baby kecik ni ha. Anak no.3.



1. Banner Header : Rm20 - 40

2. Banner Badge / Banner Exchange / Grab Button : Rm5 - Rm10

3. Simple Logo : Rm15 - 35

Blog Layout : Rm35 - 55

4. Favicon
5. Blog Background (Blog bg)
6. Post Title Background (Post title bg)
7. Sidebar Title Background (Sidebar title bg)
8. Blog Footer

Simple Animation : Rm10 - 20

OTHER DESIGN (Business Card, Banner, Kartun, Watermark, atau apa shj)
- Harga bergantung pada kerumitan kerja + budi bicara saya sendiri.


1. Kindly give me as details as u can about the design u want. Be specific and particular. Because:
    - 1 time minor change : FREE of charge.
    - Next minor changes : Rm5
    - Major changes : I will charge as a new one ok.

2. Please be honest with your order. No backout or go 'missing in action' once I start build your design.
3. Kindly response fast to my email / SMS. The delay will effect the process.
4. For full layout order, I will ask you some deposit (Rm20) as the confirmation fee.

Contact Neyhan Creative:
Phone: 012-9508210

Note: Letih makcik design jika tiba2 kalian buat senyap je. If nak cancel pun, please inform me. So, makcik bleh plan utk buat kerje lain pula. Makcik sgt boleh berunding.. cuma biarlah saling memahami ye. TQ.

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